Welcome to the Stubenberghaus
and a wholehearted “Griaß Eich!”

Dear visitors, dear mountaineers,
besides the traditional classics of Austrian cuisine, our menu also consists of tasty Styrian specialties and our homemade pasta dishes. Using only the best local ingredients like the Styrian “Almo” beef or the cured “Vulcano” ham, the innkeeper herself prepares every meal with all her heart, resulting in the highest quality meals – because as the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Cold Dishes
Main Courses
Children’s Specials
Want to try something sweet?


Rindsuppe mit Frittaten
Traditional beef stock with cut-up pancake strips
Rindsuppe mit Kaspressknödel
Traditional beef stock with cheese dumplings
Erdäpfelsuppe mit Steinpilzen nach Omas Rezept
Potato soup with porcini mushrooms – just like Grandma made it
Stubenberghaus Suppentopf
Beef stock with pieces of beef, vegetables and semolina dumplings
Sorrel soup served with a boiled egg

Cold dishes and Salads

Steirischer Backhendlsalat
Fried chicken fillet with a special pumpkin seed breading
served on mixed greens and potato salad marinated with Styrian pumpkin seed oil
Steirischer Bauernsalat
Grilled sheep’s milk cheese on marinated tomatoes, cucumbers,
red onions and Styrian runner beans, served with homemade bread
Seasonal mixed salad
Steirische Brettljausn
Traditional Styrian cold cuts: roast pork, smoked meat and sausages, Liptauer spread and “Verhackerts” (chopped
pork grease spread), cheese, a hard-boiled egg, mild peppers, gherkins, horseradish and homemade bread

Main Courses

Ofenfrisches Bauernbratl
Fresh roast pork served on warm cabbage with bacon and bread dumplings
Hausgemachte Käsespätzle
Homemade “Spaetzle” pasta with mountain cheese and roasted onions
served with a green salad marinated with Styrian pumpkin seed oil
Boiled shoulder piece of “Almo” beef, green beans with dill and roast potatoes
Schöckl Almo-Burger
Classic burger made from 100% Styrian “Almo” beef
served with fried potato wedges and coleslaw
Beef goulash, served with potatoes or bread rolls
Fried pork fillet filled with fresh herbs, “Vulcano” ham and cheese, served with a mixed salad
Roasted chicken fillet covered in bacon, with a sheep’s cheese and spinach filling, served on buttered rice
Traditional homemade pasta with a savoury meat filling, roasted bacon and onions
Hausgemachte Bergkasnudeln
Homemade pasta with a mountain cheese filling, served with butter and chives
Bauerntoast Stubenberghaus
Toasted farmer’s bread with bacon, peppers and onions, gratinated with cheese and served with a dip sauce

Children’s specials

Breaded chicken fillet with french fries
Two thin pancakes filled with strawberry jam

Want to try something sweet?

Homemade Strudel of your choice
with custard
Thin pancake with a sweet nut filling, chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Hausgemachter Eismarillenknödel
Homemade frozen “apricot dumpling” – ice cream with an apricot filling, served on a fruit glaze
“Edelweiß” Apple Pie with cinnamon and whipped cream
Traditional sweet pancake dish with stewed plums